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USC/Expo Park Station

Robbert Flick,
Estimated completion 2010

Driving down major thoroughfares with camera in hand, Robbert Flick documents neighborhoods at a specific moment in time. The camera shutter clicks every few seconds, creating frame by frame views of what we often perceive as a blur through the window of a moving vehicle. By slowing down the process of looking, Flick gives the viewer the opportunity to discover bits and pieces of neighborhoods that when pieced together, create an overall impression.

For the USC/Expo Park Station artwork, Flick proposes to photograph Adams and Jefferson on the north end of the area, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Vernon on the south end, San Pedro and Central Avenue to the east and Budlong and Normandie Avenue to the west.  Art panels will present these thoroughfares as they exist at the time they are photographed.

“These East/West and North/South corridors are on the verge of major change and have already a little known but well documented history. It is my intent to create a temporal representation of these thoroughfares in terms of the present.”