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Inaugural Newsletter

Business Partners,

Welcome to the Metro Vendor/Contract Business Insider—our bi-monthly newsletter connecting the business community to the latest Metro opportunities, services, programs, and guidelines for working with us. Our goal at Metro is to foster a business friendly environment that promotes timely, accurate information sharing to help you access and navigate Metro Vendor/Contract Management (V/CM) services with greater ease and efficiency.

“At your fingertips, you will find the latest tools and information to help you submit new bids, comply with Metro’s policies and get out in front of key business opportunities. I am pleased to present an additional resource that confirms that Metro is open for business.” – Stephanie Wiggins, Executive Director, Vendor/Contract Management

In This Issue

Our Vision

What’s New at Metro?

Emerging Opportunities and Developments – 90 Days Ahead

Our Vision

Our Vision for the Vendor/Contract Management Department is to transform the culture from a rules-based to a service-based organization by:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Leveraging technology
  • Promoting economic growth & innovation

We will leverage our “Everyday counts and everyone counts” credo, which depends on our diverse team’s expertise and accountability each day.

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What’s New at Metro?

SB Prime: Metro’s Small Business Set-Aside Program

Implemented June 2014, the program provides an opportunity for small businesses to serve as Primes on competitively negotiated contracts, sealed bids and public works contracts that meet threshold criteria from $3,000 up to $5 million. Applicable procurements will be set aside for competition among SBEs when (and if) there is a competitive pool of three or more SBE firms available to perform the work. Since its inception, has awarded more than $1 million in contract value to SBEs to serve as primes. To learn more, visit the Set-Aside Program webpage. Metro’s SBE/DBE Directory is available here.

Unsolicited Proposal Policy for P3 and Joint Development

“Promoting Economic Growth and Innovation” is among one of the top drivers for our new department. The Metro Board adopted an unsolicited proposal policy in July 2014 to promote innovative delivery methods. This Public Private Partnership (P3) and Joint Development initiative will enable us to better capture opportunities that may be well suited for our business strategy. For more information, please visit metro.net/ppp.

Construction Change Order (CCO) Streamlining Initiative

At its November 13, 2014 meeting, the Metro Board approved the CCO Streamlining Initiative. The objectives of the initiative are to:

  1. Reduce the impact of Metro’s Construction Change Order process on our ability to deliver Measure R projects in a cost efficient manner; and
  2. Implement prompt payment reform to eliminate negative impacts of the change order process on small and disadvantaged businesses

Why Streamline?

  1. Metro’s Change Order process has been identified as factor in creating risk for Prime contractors and their DBE/SBE subcontractors; and
  2. Timely payments to small businesses are critical to their wellbeing.


  1. Streamline the processes Metro controls and alter our philosophy for negotiations and dispute resolution; and
  2. Partner with contractor community to ensure prompt payments by holding contractors accountable for timely payments to all subcontractors

Plan of Action for Prompt Payment Reform include:

  1. Implement internal procedures and increase efforts to enforce contractual terms to incentivize prompt payment;
  2. Establish a Metro and Contractor Scorecard to assess prompt payments to contractors and subcontractors;
  3. Identify means and methods within existing prompt payment laws to assist professional services subcontractors to gain timely payments from prime contractors; and
  4. Convene an Industry Forum with key stakeholders (AGC, ACEC, SCCA) to implement reform measures to improve prompt payments to contractors and subcontractor.

For more information, please visit metro.net

FY15 V/CM Action Plan

In February 2014 an APTA Peer Review of the Vendor/Contract Management Department was conducted to review the Department’s structure, enabling technology, operating model, and service delivery capabilities. In Response to the Peer Review, staff has developed an Action Plan for FY15 that focuses on streamlining processes, improving capabilities and improving internal and external communication. Ten of the 24 items (42%) have been completed.

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Emerging Opportunities and Developments

Below are highlights of activities that are expected to be completed within the next 90 days.

November 2014

- Launch of the DVBE Program (Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise)

  • The Program will implement the Board’s Policy of a goal of 3% of all eligible contracts.

December 2014

- Change requirement from multiple paper copies to 1 hard copy and electronic submittals

- Reduce maximum proposal page count to less than 75

  • The two activities above help promote Metro’s commitment to sustainability and greening our work, as well as reduce costs for the business community.

- Publish Metro Conflict of Interest key considerations in the RFP & IFB documents

  • In response to feedback from the business community, the goal is to provide more transparency about this issue.

January 2015

- Procedures Issued for Unsolicited P3 Proposals

  • Formal procedures will be published outlining the decision-making process for evaluating unsolicited proposals.

- Launch of the Countywide Small Business Campaign

  • The purpose is to increase awareness of Metro’s Small Business Initiatives and increase

- Vendor Portal

  • The purpose is to leverage technology to provide one source for vendors to find procurement info and submit procurement info.

- Uniform Single 12 month look ahead

  • In response to feedback from the business community, the goal is to provide a web-based single source location that identifies all of the upcoming procurement opportunities agencywide. This will enable businesses to better plan for pursuits.

- Industry Workshop on Prompt Payment

  • The goal is to convene an industry forum to discuss prompt payment and the launch of the Metro Vendor Scorecard Program.

Please send comments, questions, or suggestions to vcmfeedback@metro.net.

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