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Hill Street Pedestrian Enhancement

Kim Abeles, artist
Doug Suisman,
urban designer


The design team was charged with creating pedestrian linkages for transit customers at the Hill Street entrance to the 7th Street/Metro Center Rail Station. The objective was to link the station with area sites and other transportation networks and to enhance the pedestrian experience. To fulfill this objective, artist Kim Abeles contributed several elements: art tiles, sidewalk medallions and a sound clock. The art tiles depict the architectural history of the local area and installed into a large concrete bench that looks out on Angel’s Flight across the street. The medallions and utility covers placed throughout the neighborhood’s sidewalks provide details about important places, times and themes of travel. Those walking by the ventilation grates hear voices telling the time of day, tales of Hill Street, descriptions of buildings and art, or they may hear ambient sounds from the area.

“Historically, at its core, art has served as a guide to the vistas that we see from each of our own observation decks. I develop my art by combining research or data-gathering over extended time periods with intuitive manipulations that respond to the communication inherent in the materials. Thus, my sculpture combines poetry with fiction in both visual and literary terms. I make use of the media and processes which best transform each subject.” Kim Abeles